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5 Key Online Marketing Strategies for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Establishing a strong and wide-ranging online presence is essential for effectively marketing a plastic surgeon or plastic surgery practice. First, your practice needs to be easily discoverable by those who are seeking information about plastic surgery services through search engines like Google and Microsoft’s new Bing or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. You can achieve this by

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tiktok ads for plastic surgeons

TikTok Advertising for Plastic Surgeons

The newest kid on the block rapidly gaining market share is TikTok advertising for plastic surgeons. You’ve likely heard about TikTok in the news about how it is a Chinese company and how US regulators have considered banning it for fear of foreign data collection. However, make no mistake that adoption in the USA is nothing short of amazing. There

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plastic surgeon facebook ads

How Plastic Surgeon Facebook Ads Will Be Affected with the iOS14 Update

Plastic surgeon Facebook ads help practices increase their visibility on the internet for their medical advertising needs. Though you can create a simple page with some basic information about your office, you want to provide more content. This ensures that your patients can find out what procedures you do and how they can contact you as well as when to

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Top 7 Reasons Plastic Surgeon SEO Doesn’t Work

If you’ve landed on this blog post, you likely are curious what are the top 7 reasons why plastic surgeon SEO doesn’t work. As I am writing this blog post, I am hoping that your curiosity was piqued as opposed to you trying to figure out why your plastic surgery SEO campaign isn’t working. It is unfortunate when that happens

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2020 Plastic Surgeon Advertising Market Report

In our first ever annual market report for plastic surgeon advertising results, we will recap what we’ve seen throughout the year with regards to plastic surgeon advertising channels along with their successes. As a plastic surgeon marketing company, we’re privileged to have access to data points from several practices scattered throughout the entire country.  By working with over 30+ surgeons

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How To Avoid Getting Your Site Blacklisted From Google

How To Avoid Getting Your Site Blacklisted From Google with New Algorithm Updates As the most used search engine in the world, Google makes several updates to the algorithms each year to determine the ranking of websites. No matter what terms or phrases you search online, you expect Google to put the best and most useful links at the top

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Plastic Surgeon SEO – Optimizing & Perfecting Your Content

If you’ve read our first post dedicated specifically for SEO titled – Plastic Surgeon SEO – Starting with the Basics, you have likely already completed (hopefully all) the steps given. You now want to take the next steps in the chronological order to ensure your website has the largest chances of success. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include everything in one single

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11 Different Types of Leads for Plastic Surgeons

In this blog post, we’ll review 11 different types of leads for plastic surgeons. Leads are defined as a potential patient who expresses interest in learning more about specific procedures. From the very definition, it is obvious why lead generation for cosmetic surgeons is such a critical component to a thriving practice. However, prior to reviewing the 11 different types

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Powerful Bariatric Surgery Marketing Plan for 2021

Having a bariatric surgery marketing plan for 2021 is how you’ll become the dominant go-to bariatric surgical practice in your area. There are several sources of marketing that one can consider. For instance all of the 21 plastic surgery marketing tips can be applied to bariatric surgery marketing. Companies that think outside of the box with both traditional and non-traditional

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