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Plastic Surgery SEO

How Can SEO for Plastic Surgeons Help?

Google is without question the most important place your practice needs to have visibility. Google is the #1 most visited website in the world. Chances are that you personally head to Google when seeking products or services and your clients are doing the same. Our plastic surgeon SEO services are designed to deliver effective results. Did you know our agency started as a marketing company in Miami, FL? We’re still the #1 ranked SEO company in Miami to this day. We’re happy to prove it! This is solely mentioned because if we can outrank all those companies that say they are SEO companies in one of the most competitive areas in the country, we can do the same for you. What better firm to work with than a plastic surgery marketing company that has the processes and procedures that created the #1 ranked company in Miami?!

SEO for plastic surgeons is the process of ensuring your website follows the best practices laid out by Google in addition to offering high value content to your visitors. In short, SEO for plastic surgery practices can be boiled down into two main categories. First is on-page optimization. This is where you ensure your website architecture, content silos, inner links, headings, outbound authority links, images, image alt tags, structured data, and other items are properly implemented. Second is off-page optimization. This is where content is produced and offered on 3rd party websites to offer value to their readers and often you’ll receive a link back giving you credit for that post.

Once these activities are completed and a consistent interval, Google will find your website as more relevant than your competitions. After a couple of months, you should see your rankings improve for the city you reside in and after 6 months, you should see your website appear in neighboring cities as well. Having this visibility ensures that your practice will receive a consistent amount of inquiries ensuring your pipeline remains full. The beauty of SEO is that once you are appearing on the First Page of Google, you are not spending money on ads. Even better, you have no risk if you work with Advertising for Surgeons because there is no retainer. View how it works on our pricing page

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of Plastic Surgeon SEO

New Patients Will Engage with your Practice

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Once your plastic surgery SEO campaign is in full force which can take 3 months in lesser competitive areas to 6 months or more in competitive cities, you’ll notice a consistent inbound lead flow of prospective clients contacting you. Most users prefer contacting organic results when compared to paid ads. If you are not ranking in the top few spots, you are losing significant market share to your competition. Acquiring organic traffic can truly launch your practice to new heights with high-quality leads.

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Once your website is pulling in traffic, you’ll want to ensure that your website has a high conversion rate. This is done by meticulous tracking. Understanding the % of visitors to leads is a critical metric. By utilizing dynamic phone call tracking, we’re able to understand which traffic source is generating leads and at what percentage. If your conversion rates are low, our team will suggest some changes to make which are historically proven to yield increases.

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The traffic your website receives varies by source. You can expect to receive direct traffic, referral traffic, paid traffic, and organic traffic. With SEO for plastic surgeons, you can expect your organic traffic numbers to increase. It is important to note that you should be most concerned with the quality of traffic as if you have non-relevant traffic it will not convert high and will do nothing for your practice. Because we work strictly with plastic surgeons, SEO campaigns deliver laser-targeted prospects in the form of leads.

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Reviews play a vital role in conversions. It is also important for you to rank well. Could you imagine Google promoting a company that has a 1-star review because they are rude to their customers or price gouge? Probably not. Our team helps you implement a review system to defend against poor reviews if one is to occur because generally it is impossible to please everyone. This same system will also make it easy for both current and past customers to leave you a review without knowing where to login to leave these reviews.

Plastic Surgery SEO Case Studies

Our premium plastic surgery SEO service is proven to yield results. As mentioned, we’re meticulous with our tracking. You’ll be able to easily understand how many leads are being generated from the SEO campaign.





Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Surgeon SEO

To see SEO for plastic surgeons, you should wait at a minimum of 3 months in lesser competitive areas. There are several factors that will determine how fast or how slow your website climbs up in the rankings. Website age, authority, amount of content, frequency of blogging, number of quality and natural backlinks, and very importantly, your geographical area. As you can imagine, everyone reading this answer likely falls into a different scenario with each of the critical ranking factors. We’ve found that regardless of starting points, positive results start to occur in about 3 months in smaller cities and about 6 months in more competitive cities like Miami, NYC, etc.

Absolutely! For those enrolled in our net-zero partner program, you’ll be asked which 3 neighboring cities that are in direct proximity to your location are and we’ll optimize your website to eventually show up in those areas!

Absolutely! This is known as Google My Business SEO formally known as Google Maps. This requires a separate amount of work to be truly effective and is included in our performance based campaigns.

You can show up for several types of keywords such as plastic surgeons near me, plastic surgeons in [CITY HERE], cosmetic surgery in [CITY HERE], and several other broad keywords. You can also show up for specific services like rhinoplasty in [CITY HERE]. Let us know your top 3 services you want to show up for and we’ll optimize your website to show up organically for those services. Once you are happy with those rankings, we can choose 3 other services.

No! We work strictly on a month to month agreement but ask for at least a 6 month commitment for you to see maximum results. If you are totally unsatisfied with the performance of the campaign, you can opt to cancel at any time.

Sure! If you do not receive any leads within the first 45-days (starting when the campaign goes live), from our marketing campaign, you can request a full-refund for all money paid to our firm. We’re confident in offering this guarantee because we’ve helped several plastic surgeons consistently acquire leads and have a proven system in your industry. We make the no-risk offer, truly 100% no risk!