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Plastic Surgeon SEO – Optimizing & Perfecting Your Content

plastic surgeon seo optimizing contentIf you’ve read our first post dedicated specifically for SEO titled – Plastic Surgeon SEO – Starting with the Basics, you have likely already completed (hopefully all) the steps given. You now want to take the next steps in the chronological order to ensure your website has the largest chances of success. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include everything in one single blog post as it would surely be far too lengthy to properly absorb the importance of the information given. For that reason, foundational tasks were given to prepare your website for the next critical step. 

That next step is optimizing & perfecting your content. Ever hear the saying “Content is King”? It truly matters for several reasons that we will review in this blog post. 

3 Reasons You Should Care About Your Plastic Surgery Practice Content

There are several reasons why you should care about your plastic surgery SEO content and do everything in your power to ensure it not only is marginally better than a competing practice, but blows it out of the water.

First, if you are reading this blog post you likely have an interest in increasing the ranking of your plastic surgery practice. Google and other search engines have one primary job. Provide relevant search results to their users. So you will want to follow what they want to see in order to reach your goal of increasing your rankings.  Have you ever truly wanted to learn about something prior to purchasing and fell on a page of content that lacked any substance? It is disheartening. Especially for a large procedure like a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc. Historically, pages with more content will fare far better than those with less content. So the number reason why you should care is to get results from the usefulness your content provides.

The second reason why you want to care about your plastic surgeon SEO content is because of relevance. The more content you have about a variety of plastic surgery topics the more relevant your website will become. We’ll give a basic example of extremes to highlight this point. Imagine if you had one plastic surgery website that has 3 pages of content that just listed the procedures and what they were. Then you have another competing website that has 50 pages, each one with at least 750 words of content. Detailing frequently asked questions, recovery time, before and after’s of each procedure. You see, the larger website in this example in totality offers way more relevance about plastic surgery because naturally they must cover more topics with 47 more pages of in-depth content. Google would certainly rank the website with 50 pages over the one with 3 with all else equal. 

The third reason you should care about your plastic surgeon SEO content is links. Writing fantastic content allows others to link to your website. The more relevant and authority links your website receives the better. Google looks at links almost as a popularity contest. If one website has more links from relevant and authoritative sources then other websites are essentially casting their vote that the website they linked to offers fantastic content. 

Key Takeaway – Fantastic plastic surgeon SEO content that is helpful for users is what search engines want to provide users. When you write high-quality relevant content, other websites will naturally want to link to your content and that is a large factor of Google’s algorithm. 

Optimizing & Perfecting Your Content for SEO – Plastic Surgeon How-To

Some general strategies that work extremely well are as follows if you are looking for how to perfectly optimize your content. 

  1. Include the target word in the URL
  2. Include the target word in the first sentence of your page or post
  3. Include the target keyword in a H1 tag preferably at the top of the page or post
  4. Include an image in your post with an image alt tag of your main keyword
  5. Ensure that you have at least a 1% keyword density (the target keyword is found at least 1% of the time in your content)
  6. Ensure to use variations of your main keyword in heading
  7. Utilize LSI variations of the keyword in the copy. This is keywords that relate to the main topic. So if it was chocolate chip cookies, you’d expect the content to cover ovens, temperatures, eggs, flour, etc. 
  8. Utilize variations of the keyword in subsequent header tags (h2, h3, etc)
  9. Try to write at least 500 words. Preferably 750-1,000 words
  10. Offer additional resources on third party websites (not competitors) but if there are any studies done by government or educational websites, they are great to send outbound links. They are important to be included. 
  11. Be sure to try and include your main keyword in the very last sentence and paragraph of the post itself. 
  12. Include other inner links to relevant topics you have written about. 

Is Optimizing & Perfecting Your Plastic Surgeon SEO Content Overwhelming?

If so, don’t be stressed out. It takes several years to master search engine optimization. Plastic surgeons also face enormous competition because of the value each patient will provide to the practice. Marketing companies will often charge thousands and thousands of dollars and very often, provide 0 guarantees about their results. For this reason some practices try to do SEO on their own. If that is you, we want to try to arm you with the information you need to succeed. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of factors and it would be impossible to learn about SEO in a few blog posts but we’ll do our best to cover the most important topics.

Advertising for Surgeons offers local SEO for $0.00 per month. No catch. We work on a performance-model and only pay when a patient shows up for a consultation. Be sure you head over to our Pricing Page to see all the services you receive all with no costly marketing retainer. This is to mitigate all risk that you have and show our confidence in our services. Have any other questions about perfecting or optimizing your plastic surgeon SEO content? Let us know below!

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