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Review Generation & Management charges no monthly retainers. We are a full-service surgeon marketing company with a twist. We’re the only surgeon digital marketing company that are so confident in our abilities, we are a Pay-for-Performance agency. We are the first digital marketing agency for surgeons offering a Pay-Per-Consultation™ marketing campaign. So if you seek to mitigate risk and only pay for patient consultations, you’ve found the right company.

Only when patients do a virtual consultation or walk through your door for a consultation, we are paid. In short, we’ll manage your ad-spend for free. 100% of your money goes to ad-spend, not our pockets. We’ll nurture your leads and follow-up until they show up for a consultation at your office. Our team understands your staff may not have the time or bandwidth to constantly follow up with patient inquiries from days or weeks ago. Digital marketing with is proven to generate new patients for your practice without risk and without investing significant internal resources or time. Our campaigns are proven with several other surgeons including plastic surgeons and ready to be used in select, available territories.

Unlike many surgery digital marketing companies, we understand your niche. You can’t take fancy marketing reports to the bank. Leads that call and never show up for consultations will not pay the bills. Only consultations that turn into surgeries. Our entire model is based not on lead generation but patient generation. We simply do not care about leads; we care about patient consultations that go to your practice, & get a procedure done. We’re committed to being your partner and put our money where our mouth.

Video Testimonials From Our Surgeons

Dr. Salomon Testimonial

“Before 2015, our online presence was not nearly what it is today” & “I think you guys are amazing. Amazing. You guys created a niche that I am very comfortable with.”

Contoura Testimonial

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in the past two years. We feel our practice is now more widely viewed and we have a bigger footprint online and we feel this has to do with Jeremy’s efforts”


“We haven’t had great experience with SEO companies but with your team and the PPC campaign, we feel you have been very honest and very responsive. That’s why we enjoy working with you for the past 4 years.””

Buckingham Testimonial

“We’ve added new providers since we brought you in” & “We’ve seen significant growth since um we have transitioned with them, we’ve gotten a lot more phone calls and our ads have been performing much better.”

Online Marketing

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Everything you can possibly think of that will help you acquire more patients every single month. Our team can assist you with Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Google Maps Optimization, Remarketing, and Review Management. When you combine all of these activities it will truly give you an enormous advantage over your competitors. This is how you can become the go-to plastic surgery practice in your market without risk.

Web Design & Development

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Websites are a critical piece to the puzzle. There is something known as conversion rates which play a large role in the success of your campaigns. Imagine if you got 100 visitors per month but your website only converted at 1%. That is 1 visitor turning into a lead. Now, imagine if you could raise that conversion rate to 10%. You would receive 10 leads without spending any money. Mobile-friendly website design is also available.

Review Management

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5-Star reviews are critical in this day and age. When is the last time you trusted a business with hardly any reviews for a major purchase? Our team assists you with generating 5-star reviews as well as mitigating poor reviews when asking for reviews. This is offered at no additional cost with our turn-key digital marketing for plastic surgeon campaigns. Stand out and be the highest rated plastic surgery practice in your market.

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Surgery Marketing

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1. Full turn-key digital marketing without costly retainers
2. Complete focus on growing surgical practices
3. Excellent understanding of surgery patients wants
4. Sound knowledge of patient intent & psychology
5. Follow the latest trends in conversion-driven design
6. Proven Omni-Presence approach yields fantastic results
7. Performance-Based means we’re in this together

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What is Surgeon SEO?

Surgeon SEO (Surgeon Search Engine Optimization) is the process of offering users valuable information about your services. You likely personally use Google in you everyday life because it serves fantastic results. You must understand the users intention and deliver on delivering the information they originally sought out. This is typically done by increasing the quantity of high-quality content on your website. Surgery SEO can be broken down into two main categories. On-page SEO & off-page SEO. When done properly, you will begin to appear higher and higher on Google’s result pages and as a result acquire free traffic. An important aspect is plastic surgery content writing which is how Google gauges the relevancy of your website vs. your competitors.

Why is SEO for Surgeons so Important?

SEO for surgeons is critical in this day and age. It helps reduce your overall cost per conversion. The downside is that proper SEO takes time. In less competitive areas, it can take 3 to 4 months to see results and in competitive areas it can take around 6 months or more. It is an investment that can be compared to working out. You must be consistent. After you consistently release high quality information and continuously blog on other websites, Google will start to take notice. Nothing will feel better when you receive your reports and see that 10 or 20 patients per month are finding you from organic methods which means that even if your ads were shut off, you’d still be getting those patients at no charge. For this reason, SEO is a long-term investment. After all, imagine after you invested time and money into your SEO only to have your competitor skyrocket in rankings and overtake your positioning. Google’s reputation is on the line so they also look at other factors like reviews which is why our team assists you in every aspect that is critical to SEO. Technical factors like website architecture, content silos, and more are critical and is something we’ll help with! In short, if a customer is searching for specific plastic surgery procedures or plastic surgeons near them, we want you to be there.


Granular Reporting

You won’t need a masters degree in marketing to understand our reports. They are extremely simple to easily ascertain exactly what is happening and where your patients are finding you from. Keep in mind, we’re only focused on actual patients who show up for consultations.

Our proven patient generation system for plastic surgeons spans across several marketing channels so being able to track where your calls are coming from is important. This data allows us to continuously optimize your campaign to perform better and better.

We’re able to track and see if you got a call from organic methods, your local map listing, a Facebook ad, or even a Google Ads ad. Having this reporting will make understanding your marketing campaign a breeze.

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