Our Surgeon Testimonials

View the results we’ve been able to achieve for other clients with our complete turn-key digital marketing strategies that equate into practice revenue.

Dr. Salomon Testimonial

“Before 2015, our online presence was not nearly what it is today” & “I think you guys are amazing. Amazing. You guys created a niche that I am very comfortable with.”

Contoura Testimonial

“We’ve seen tremendous growth in the past two years. We feel our practice is now more widely viewed and we have a bigger footprint online and we feel this has to do with Jeremy’s efforts”


“We haven’t had great experience with SEO companies but with your team and the PPC campaign, we feel you have been very honest and very responsive. That’s why we enjoy working with you for the past 4 years.””

Buckingham Testimonial

“We’ve added new providers since we brought you in” & “We’ve seen significant growth since um we have transitioned with them, we’ve gotten a lot more phone calls and our ads have been performing much better.”

Plastic Surgeon Digital Marketing Case Study FAQs

How Are You Able to Offer a Pay-Per-Performance Model?

By working exclusively with Surgeons for over 5 years, we’ve spent over $3,000,000.00 on running ads. Our team simply knows what works from being intertwined in this specific niche and helping 30+ clients achieve their goals. That is just the beginning. Nearly all surgeons we work with had a lower than ideal lead to patient consultation ratio. There simply wasn’t enough time / dedicated staff / expertise with regards to following up with leads. How many times do you follow up with leads? What time of day works best? Do you email them? Call them? Text them? What are too much follow ups? Who will take on this task? How are leads organized? What is the cost to hire someone full-time to follow up with hundreds of leads every day to ensure an efficient conversion rate of lead to patient consultations? To offer tremendous value, we’ll do all of this for free. We have all the data and statistics to make this process extremely efficient. For this reason, our team takes the daunting task of following up with days, weeks, and month old leads and works them until they become an appointment.

How can I trust you?

We encourage you to do comprehensive due diligence. You can view our video testimonials which highlight real surgeons we work with. You’ll notice that we are a distinguished Google Premier Partner which can be verified by clicking here. Our founders are also featured experts on industry leading marketing websites such as,,, and more. Lastly, our offering is performance based. We designed our campaigns to mitigate as much risk as possible. This highlights the confidence we have in our service.

Do you really work for free each month?

Yes. We’re only paid when we generate you leads and convert them into consultations. We are a performance-based agency. We want to make money with you. Not from you.

What are the setup fees?

The setup fees vary based on competitiveness of location, amount of services you offer, how large the campaign build is, how many patient inquiries we’ll manage each month to get them in your office, etc. However, we can tell you that our setup fees start at $1,997.00 with $0.00 in monthly fees. We’re only paid when patients either schedule a virtual appointment or walk through your door for a consultation. Our campaigns are proven to work and this setup ensures that we take the time necessary to set up everything with great detail which ensures our success. Setting up the campaign correctly is critical since we are not paid a retainer each month.