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TikTok Advertising for Plastic Surgeons

tiktok ads for plastic surgeonsThe newest kid on the block rapidly gaining market share is TikTok advertising for plastic surgeons. You’ve likely heard about TikTok in the news about how it is a Chinese company and how US regulators have considered banning it for fear of foreign data collection. However, make no mistake that adoption in the USA is nothing short of amazing. There are more than 100 million active users which is roughly 1/3rd of our country. For that reason alone, it warrants a write up as the newest advertising source that you may want to experiment with. 

However, with any new advertising source comes the early adopters will learn costly mistakes. They are willing to learn and gamble some money in hopes of striking a winning advertising campaign that can be responsible for a significant return on investment. When Facebook advertising first started, clicks were extremely cheap compared to the cost per click that it fetches today. Some plastic surgeons will view this as an opportunity to attract their ideal patients at a low cost per conversion (cost per lead). 

We’ll dive into the basics of running TikTok ads. However, try to keep your budget low to gauge results prior to investing large sums of money. Our goal at AdvertisingForSurgeons is to not “roll the dice” with marketing spend so we focus on what we know best generates leads for plastic surgeons. 

How to Create a TikTok Ad for Plastic Surgeons – The Structure

If you are familiar with Google Ads for plastic surgeons, you should feel somewhat comfortable with setting up a TikTok ad campaign.  TikTok advertising for plastic surgeons isn’t all that different. At the top level there is a campaign. Under the campaign you’ll find an ad group. Within ad groups, you’ll have ads. 

You may view that information as trivial, however, structuring your campaign properly is absolutely vital to the long-term success of your campaign as you can be far more granular with your targeting and quickly identify what is and is not working. It will also help the performance of your campaign which usually helps you pay less when your ad is more relevant to the users. Platforms care about revenue but also their user’s experience. 

Why It Matters: For instance, if you just have one general campaign vs a campaign for each procedure you specialize the former will perform worse than the latter. For instance, would you want to show the same ad to those needing a facelift as an ad targeted to those who may want a breast augmentation? It is likely a different demographic. Same with a liposuction procedure vs a rhinoplasty. Keep this in mind when building campaigns in order to achieve the highest likelihood of success. 

How Much Should You Spend on a Plastic Surgeon TikTok Advertising Campaign?

The amount you wish to spend varies on your risk tolerance as well as some practice specific information. For instance, how many leads do you convert into patient consultations? How many patient consultations does it take for you to book a procedure? What is your average revenue from a booked procedure? After knowing this information, you can reverse engineer how much you are willing to spend per lead to ensure that you are hitting your KPIs.

Generally, we’ve found that if you can get patient consultations (not leads) for $500.00 or less you will do extremely well. Most plastic surgeons close 5 out of 10 patient consultations into a booked procedure. Some hover in the mid 60% range. However, if you are closing around 50% of patient consultations into a booked procedure and your average procedure hovers around $6,000.00 you are spending $1,000 to make $6,000. That is a 600% return on investment. 

As you can see the economics work out. Furthermore, you might be in a competitive area that fetches a larger average booked procedure. These mathematics are conservative at best. The reason why is because you are not factoring the lifelong patient value. How many patients will get more than one surgery? How many patients will refer a friend or family member? This data must be factored in to see the true return on investment. But we like to look at immediate returns because anything above and beyond 600% is just amazing. 

TikTok Advertising Tips for Plastic Surgeons – Demographic Targeting

As we briefly touched upon earlier, the last thing you want to do is to have your demographic targeting wrong. A large majority of TikTok users are young adults. Therefore it is unlikely you’ll be getting a ton of facelift inquiries from this advertising source. More than 50% of TikTok’s audience is under 34.

You’ll want to customize your approach based on this data. Keep in mind that more than 27% of users are 13 to 17. Those should be no-go’s for you as it is a large waste of budget. You are not selling video games. So be very cautious to ensure that your demographic targeting is very on-point. Not doing so can yield a costly experience. 

However, that still leaves millions of Americans that match your ideal patient persona that you can target for relatively cheap when compared to other more established platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, etc. The good news about TikTok is that there are several “TikTok” models who have millions of followers due to their looks so it may be motivational for users to take action with a skilled plastic surgeon advertisement. This is how you unleash the true power of TikTok adveritins for plastic surgeons. 

Taking Advantage of a Limited-Time Offer – Credits!

At the time of writing this post, TikTok is matching your spend up to $350.00. So if you want to take advantage of running a test campaign, now is the time to do it. You’ll want to ensure that you are closely tracking your results and the main method for doing so is with Google Analytics and a unique trackable phone number. 

This will allow you to determine where your phone calls are originating from when advertising in multiple sources. We hope this blog post on TikTok advertising for plastic surgeons was helpful! Have you tried TikTok ads? Let us know below!

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