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How Plastic Surgeon Facebook Ads Will Be Affected with the iOS14 Update

plastic surgeon facebook adsPlastic surgeon Facebook ads help practices increase their visibility on the internet for their medical advertising needs. Though you can create a simple page with some basic information about your office, you want to provide more content. This ensures that your patients can find out what procedures you do and how they can contact you as well as when to make an appointment and the results that they might see.

You can also use Facebook ads to direct traffic to your site. Many people today use Apple devices such as an iPhone or iPad to surf the web. The iOS14 update will make some significant changes to medical advertising on Facebook that may impact your office. You can easily see what might happen to your ads.

What are Facebook Ads for Plastic Surgeons?

When you visit Facebook, you’ll see a few different types of ads. Some run on the sides of the page, but others appear in the middle of your feed. Facebook may show you ads that relate to previous searches. For example, if you looked online for tickets to Hawaii for your upcoming vacation, Facebook will show you ads from other airlines that have tickets for sale.

Facebook can also target ads based on the interests that you list on your profile. Those who sign up for plastic surgeon Facebook ads can pick who they want to see their ads such as people who live within a specific radius of a certain zip code.

Plastic Surgeon Facebook Ads as a Marketing Tool

Facebook is a great marketing tool for doctors and plastic surgeons. When you create a profile, you have the chance to share as much content and information as you want. Not only can you help patients find directions to your office and learn about the insurance that you accept, but you can also share before and after photos of your patients and go over the procedures that you offer.

With Facebook ads, you can direct traffic to your profile or send traffic to your website. All it takes is one click to send traffic your way. With the iOS14 update though, you may find some changes to your ads.

Do Plastic Surgeon Facebook Ads Still Exist?

A big question that some have is whether Facebook ads will still be available on Apple devices. You may also wonder if you will still see ads on your devices. The short answer is yes, Facebook ads will still exist after this update takes effect.

Keep in mind that no one knows quite what the update will do or the big changes that it will make. Being prepared for the future is the best way to stay ahead of the game. You may need to make several changes to ensure that your ads keep running on the site to get patients to your plastic surgery page.

Effects of the New Apple Updated iOS14

Apple updates its iOS to make sure that users have access to new tools and the fastest speeds. The new iOS14 update will change the way that you view conversion data and the reports that you get. Conversion data refers to where your traffic comes from or how people get to your site. You may find that many of your visitors come from people who found one specific ad appealing.

The new update will limit the tracking data that you see because it limits the data that a site can get from a visitor. It only applies to those who use Apple devices and will not impact most computer users or those visiting on Android devices.

Another impact that this update has is in regards to how you create ads that target iOS devices. Though you can still use your existing plastic surgery account, you need to limit the campaigns that target iOS users. You can run up to nine campaigns that include five ads per campaign. If you want to cancel or make changes to an ad, you must now wait 72 hours before you can update an old ad or add a new one. Another issue is that you no longer have the chance to toggle your campaign. Once you turn it on and the ads start running, you must delete the whole campaign or turn it off before you can toggle the ads.

What You Need to Do – Action Item

Before you notice a significant reduction in the overall traffic to your page, you can start the verification process. This shows that your site is real and that it provides valuable information to patients and visitors.

Once you complete the process, you receive a few lines of code that you need to add to your site. Log into your Facebook account and visit your Facebook Business Settings. The left side of the page should show a button labeled “Brand Safety,” which you need to click on to load a new list. Look over that list for the “Domains” option and select the “Add” button. You can either copy and paste the URL to your site here or simply enter the domain name. Facebook will give you a few prompts to help you add the code to your site. The whole process should only take a few minutes.

Facebook allows you to add custom events that help you keep track of your ads and other details. You might want to see the number of views that your page gets or how many people visit certain pages on your site. Facebook lets you rank the events to show which ones matter the most to you. If you do not click on some of the features, Facebook will not collect data about them. If you skip this step, Facebook will simply decide what it thinks you need to know and give you information about only those features. You can choose which events you want Facebook to use through your business settings.

When you use Facebook Ad Manager, you can choose a reporting window that lasts for a single day up to seven days. You should enter the “Optimization & Deliver” menu under your business settings and choose a seven-day window. This lets you see how many people clicked on your ads in the last seven days and see the number of iOS users who found your site. You may want to view which ads correspond to higher levels of traffic. For example, you might learn that more patients liked your facelift ads than those who liked your rhinoplasty ads.

There are other tracking tools that Advertising For Surgeons uses too on all of our plastic surgeon paid advertising services. This paid tool allows you to see where your traffic comes from, which can help you see how the update affected your ads. It’s also helpful to use urchin tracking modules. Also known as a UTM, this refers to the parameters that you set. Not only can you see which Facebook ads drove traffic to your site, but you can also see which ads caught the eye of potential patients. This can help you determine which ads to keep running and which ones to cancel.

You just need to take one final step to make sure that your Facebook ads keep running. While you’re in your business settings, make sure that you select a verified page. You’ll also want to select the option that tells Facebook you want all of your ads to run and direct traffic to this site. Unless you complete this step, Facebook will stop running your ads. As long as you have the login data for your Facebook business account, you can make sure that your plastic surgery ads run after the iOS14 update.

Gradual Changes & Small Updates

If you find yourself constantly worrying about how the update will affect your ads, stop. Most phones today allow users to change their update settings. Instead of automatically installing updates, their phones tell them that updates exist and give them the option of installing them whenever they want. Research indicates that more than 65% of mobile device users are late adopters.

This means that they wait to update their devices. Though some want to see the experiences that other users have, others just want to keep using their devices as they always did without making any changes. When you consider the market share that Apple has and the total number of people who visit your site, the chances are good that you won’t notice any significant changes for up to four weeks. This gives you plenty of time to update your Facebook account to get ahead of the new update.

Get Ready for Big Changes

As an iOS user, you expect to download updates to keep your software and apps running properly. You may not expect to see updates that affect your clinic’s bottom line though. Once iOS14 takes effect, many plastic surgeons and medical clinics may see a reduction in overall traffic and notice changes in how their ads run.

This update will limit the data that you can collect about users and change your ad campaigns. When you take the time to prepare yourself and make changes to your business account, you can ensure that patients in your area can find your page. If you need help, we encourage you to reach out to us today! You’ll never speak to “sales guys”, only marketing guys for your plastic surgeon Facebook ads needs.  :). 

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