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Average Return on Ad Spend & SEO

Stop paying costly monthly retainers. Our plastic surgery marketing services are designed, tested, and proven to make it easy for surgeons to scale their marketing efforts and increase appointment booking. 

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Advertising For Surgeons
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Price List

basic local seo

Industry Leading SEO

Starting at $4,000/month


Facebook and IG Remarketing

Starting at $2,000/month

Depth Reporting

Granular In-Depth Reporting

Free For All Clients

Google Map Optimization

Google Map Optimization

Starting at $400/month

Pay Per Click

#1 Rated PPC Management

Ad Budget ≥ $4,000/month
Management Fee Starts at 20% and
Goes Down With More Ad Spend

Lead Management

Hourly Consulting Services

Starting at $200/hour

Star Review

5-Star Review Generation & Review Management

Starting at $400/month

High Converting Landing Page

Website Development or Landing Page Creation

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Only select surgeons will be accepted into our model because we don’t want to compete with ourselves since regions are exclusive to targeted procedures. We also want to find surgeons that we can grow with for years to come and are not looking for a money grab. We don’t want to dilute our time with smaller clients since the founders are doing the work and not passing you off to entry-level account managers or foreign VA’s

How is Advertising for Surgeons Different?

Understanding of Your Industry

With over 9 years running ads and SEO for some of the most elite plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists in the world, we know exactly what it takes to be successful in this space. We have managed over $21 million of paid ads for our medical clients

Month To Month Agreements

It is our job to prove success immediately since all our agreements are month to month. You simply fire us at any time if it is not working for you or you aren’t getting your ROI that you were expecting.

Laser Focused Targeting

Stop paying marketing agencies for fancy reports. Reports do not equate into booked surgeries. Patient consultations do. That is why we structured everything we do around getting you patients inside of your practice so you can book more procedures. 

Scale Your Practice with Ease

After you are accustomed to receiving your booked patient consultations and feel confident in your consultation to booked procedure ratio, we can aggressively scale. Typically, we can double the amount of consultations you receive with the same exact quality. 

Fast On-Boarding

We’ll have you running in 4 to 5 business days for paid ads. We give all clients a free 1 hour onboarding call to discuss the best strategies for audience targeting, creatives and keywords to help you reach your specific goals.

Brutal Honesty

Please take a moment to review our video testimonials. You’ll hear a common theme that we are always honest and upfront. If your sick of pushy sales people, you’ll be happy when you speak with us. We’re marketing guys. Not sales guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ROI of our services will ultimately depend on the average net revenue per surgery, your geographical location, competitiveness of your services, and more. However, after working with over 75 surgeons we can safely say that most of our surgeons and cosmetic dentists are seeing at least a 500% return on investment. The top surgeons we work with consistently generate over 1,000% return on their investment with our services. 

We encourage you to do comprehensive due diligence. First, take a look at some of the results we’ve achieved as we walk you through some of our clients’ Google Analytics accounts via our Case Studies page. You can view our video testimonials which highlight real surgeons we work with. You’ll notice that we are a distinguished Google Premier Partner which can be verified by clicking here. We’ve spent over $21,000,000 in Ad-Spend and strictly focused on working with surgeons for the last 6+ years now. Our founders are also featured experts on industry leading marketing websites such as SEMrush.comSearchEngineJournal.com, and more. Lastly, we designed our campaigns to mitigate as much risk as possible. This highlights the confidence we have in our service.

We are currently waiving all setup fees for all packages this month. All that is required to start your paid ads or SEO is your first month payment. For all new Google Ads campaigns, we can also throw on a $500 free voucher since we are Premier Google Partners

We require a minimum investment of $4,000/month on Google, Bing or Twitter Ads. We charge a 20% management fee and this percentage goes down as you hit different spend thresholds.

Since SEO and PPC goes hand in hand with your digital marketing success, we give a 10-15% total discount when we manage your ads and Search Engine Optimization.

We want to research your competitors and region before we give you targeting recommendations. As long as you meet the minimum ad spend, you can target any service area which isn’t already utilized by an existing client of ours targeting the same procedures. Clients can request any zip codes on a first come first serve basis but we do not recommend going further than 20 miles out if in a heavily populated area.

Consultations will happen relatively quickly. It is not unheard of to receive consultations within a week of starting. That is one of the key benefits. All we do is marketing for surgeons. There is no guesswork. Our campaigns are proven to work in over 30+ different regions across the country.

Absolutely! Your success is our success and we will give you great consulting advice on our complementary monthly review calls. We can work with your patient care coordinator to update processes to be more efficient and make sure you are turning your leads into patients.

Yes. Several plastic surgeons have referred us to other plastic surgeons so as a result, we’ve acquired several plastic surgeon clients. However, we proudly deliver fantastic results and work with Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Vascular Surgeons, Bariatric Surgeons, Spine Surgeons, Oral Surgeons, and more!