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Google Ads Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

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Google Ads capture attention at specific moments of intent. Advertise and realize an immediate uptick in website traffic, patient inquiries, and booked procedures.

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Google Ads – PPC for Plastic Surgeons

Expert Plastic Surgeon AdWords Management

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) works extremely well when done right. It guarantees first page visibility for virtually any keyword you are willing to spend money on. It is a bid driven system so the pricing is always fair based on what your competitors are willing to spend. It is a staple in our surgeon marketing campaigns. However, you must exercise caution as you certainly do not want to pay for keywords like plastic surgeon jobs. If you bid on the keyword plastic surgeons, that could be a mistake because you are telling Google you’ll pay for any keyword before or after plastic surgeons which is known as a broad match keyword. This can be very dangerous and is the reason why several people fail when “trying to do it on their own” or say “AdWords doesn’t work”.

Unlike other agencies, our sole focus is Google Adwords for plastic surgeons. Meaning, we don’t have clients in several different industries so we know what historical keywords with specific intent drive conversions and which keywords do not. Of course, there are some instances where we must test as geographical differences can equate to different search queries. However, generally speaking our campaigns perform very similarly despite different markets. This gives us an enormous competitive advantage when compared to general digital marketing firms without specific plastic surgeon industry focus. If you want to learn more how we’ll manage your ads without a monthly retainer, head over to our pricing page

As you’ve likely seen on our website, we cannot compete with ourselves, so we are only able to service one plastic surgery practice per geographical location. So be sure to check with us if your territory is available.

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New Patients Will Engage with your Practice

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Website Engagement

Instantly increase hyper-targeted visitors to your website!

Let customers take action online via phone call, email, or live chat!

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Phone Calls

Get ready for your phone to ring!

Track your Google Ads campaign with our phone tracking software.

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Tracked Calls

Listen & grade your phone calls

Let customers take action online via phone call, email, or live chat!

What Your Patients Will See

No matter which device your patients are using, we’ll have an ad to show up if they are using a search term that is historically proven to yield conversions. If the keyword your client searches matches our optimized keyword, they’ll see your ad with unique messaging that highlights your practice’s specialties and unique identifiers.

We’ll fine tune the messaging and constantly test to see which messaging resonates best with your patients. The overall goal is to continuously feed your practice with high-quality hyper targeted leads that turn into practice revenue. On the right, you’ll see how your Google Ad will look on a traditional search.

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Harnessing the power of Advertising for Surgeons’ Proprietary Data

Our team will leverage extensive historical data from Google and other verified partners to give you an advantage that no other digital marketing company can provide. Our data simply helps target in-market shoppers that have expressed interest with the intent being, “we are looking for a plastic surgeon”.

The most important aspect is defining the types of patients you wish to acquire. Whether you specialize in breast augmentations or rhinoplasty, we have proven campaigns. That process begins by defining the project goals which have a heavy emphasis on reach, engagement, and conversion. If there are specific services you’d wish to focus on, we’ll ask you to email us all of them. We’ll be sure to utilize a hyper-local approach to ensure you capture local market share as well.

Our goal is to bring patients to your doorstep. Turning leads into consultations and then practice revenue is critical. We’ll work hand in hand with you to ensure this happens. Plastic Surgeon PPC marketing is the only type of marketing we do. Put your trust in the experts.

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Benefits of Google Ads!

Our turn-key PPC / Google Ads management services will drive high-quality, consistent traffic to your website that turns into potential clientele.

Capture Attention at the Moment of Intent
Proprietary and 1st Party Industry Data
Proven Strategies from Industry Experts
Hyper-Targeted Audience
Nearly Instant Visibility & Results
Localized Reach

Landing Page Optimization

All websites are not created equal. Ensuring your website converts at a high rate is good business for us. It equates to a larger return on your investment. There are several ways that historically increase conversion rates that we’ll be sure to implement on your behalf..

Fully Optimized Conversion Based Landing Page
Website Redesign Planning
Page Design
Unique Optimized Content

Google Ads Campaign Reports

Advertising for Surgeons provides monthly reports with transparent results. Our Reports will even Include “Call Recordings” if you want to gauge the quality! This allows you to ensure your staff is properly handling these valuable inquiries.

Listen to your Incoming Calls.
Track your campaigns
Track your ROI
Lead Reports

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Call Score

Rate the quality of your calls to make follow up a breeze. Acquired a client? Go back historically to input the sale amount to track ROI!

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Never Miss Calls

Received a missed call while out to lunch? Was the practice busy and couldn’t answer? Easily call back missed calls!

Mobile Friendly

Even if you are on the go, you can log into your campaign to see how lead generation has been.