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Remarketing Campaigns for Plastic Surgeons

Our full-service digital marketing solution includes remarketing campaigns for plastic surgeons on both Facebook & Google. Your remarketing campaign is only as good as the custom audience that you build based on interaction data with your website. Because AdvertisingforSurgeons.com only works with plastic surgery practices, our proprietary data can allow you to realize faster wins.

We Focus on Patient Consultations. Not Lead Conversions. Not Clicks.

Get more patient consultations by re-engaging visitors who showed and expressed interest in your offering but never reached out to you. With our meticulous tracking during our setup phase, we’re able to determine who was interested but just wasn’t ready to call or fill out a form on your website.

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Website Clicks

The remarketing ads that we create will come in 6 different sizes to be displayed on various websites that are a part of Google’s Display Network. This yields greater clicks to your website.

Brand Exposure

Even if clients do not click, you are essentially receiving free branding as you are only charged per click. The more brand exposure, the higher the likelihood of lead generation.

Cost Reduction

When compared to traditional search, remarketing is a much more economical advertising medium. Sometimes the costs can be 25% the cost of a traditional search click.

Return on Investment

The return on investment from a remarketing campaign can usually match or exceed that of a traditional search campaign.