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The Most Common Gap in Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Plastic surgeon marketing is what pumps new patients into a practice and can make the difference between a practice that thrives vs one that just gets by. So what is the core difference between the winners and those just getting by? Is it just their marketing? What if we told you it wasn’t.

After working with over 30+ plastic surgeons over the last 5+ years we’ve noticed certain aspects that historically increase the likelihood of a practice thriving. Our goal in this blog post is to share with you the largest gap we see in plastic surgeon marketing and how it can literally transform your plastic surgery practice when done correctly. 

It is important to note that we’ve shared this gap with several surgeons and many have tried to “fix” the gap themselves but did not succeed. We’ve created standard operating procedures which systemize the process of ensuring that the gap is eliminated Without further adieu, we’ll now share the most common gap found in plastic surgeon marketing campaigns. 

What Happens After You Get a Plastic Surgery Lead?

The lion’s share of practices who reach out to us always indicate they want more leads. It is only natural. Leads is what will grow the practice, so it is a logical thought process. However, we’re here to ensure our plastic surgeons’ success. We’ll always be your consultant who isn’t afraid to challenge your beliefs. One of which will be challenged in this blog post. Several times, the answer simply isn’t more leads. You might be thinking we’re crazy. We’re a plastic surgeon marketing agency that makes money off of pumping your practice full of patient consultations. However, there is a key difference between a lead and a patient consultation. Therein lies the gap. 

The largest gap is simply what happens after you get a plastic surgery lead. Lets say that you receive 100 leads in any given month. Let’s say for example purposes 30% schedule an appointment, 35% have a simple question, and 25% ask about availability. So that is 30 new patient consultations scheduled from 100 leads. Some of those will need to cancel. Some of those will need to reschedule. So lets say that 25 leads ultimately show up for a new patient consultation. What happens to those other 75 leads? Are they worthless? Absolutely not. 

However, several plastic surgeon marketing companies stop working after they generate the lead. Not Advertising for Surgeons. Our differentiating factor is that we offer Partner Marketing that is a 100% performance-based model. Our team and systems work every single one of those 100 plastic surgery leads in the example above and we’re currently seeing about a 50-60% show rate for new consultations. In our example, instead of you getting 25 new patient consultations, you are now getting 50-60 new patient consultations. 

What would getting at least double the volume of new patient consultations do for your practice? Our team knows the answer, take a look at our video testimonial where one of our plastic surgeons was booked out 4+ months and needed to hire an additional plastic surgeon to meet the demand we were generating. 

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Don’t Take Our Word for It – Here’s the Studies

Whenever we make bold claims, we’ll always back them up. For instance, did you know that Forrester & CSO Insights conducting studies which highlight the following points:

  • You can increase the amount of closed leads generated by marketing activities by 7% while reducing the “no decisions” by 6%. This instantly increases efficiency of your marketing dollars by 13%.
  • Generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a cost that is 33% lower.
  • Reduce the number of leads generated by marketing efforts that are never followed up on. The gap was as high as 80% in some instances and as low as 25% in others.

What Needs to Happen After You Generate a Plastic Surgery Lead

So we now know that after the lead comes in, managing the leads for plastic surgeons is important. But several plastic surgeon offices have no idea how to properly follow up with patients. Based on our data, it takes over 15+ touches from cold traffic to initial patient consultation. If you are getting 100 leads a month that is 1,500 touches. Quite the workload to throw on a member of your staff. Further, what happens month 2, month 3, etc? You quickly exceed 5,000 touches per month to maximize the volume of new patient consultations. 

To complicate matters, staff members are likely not experienced nurturing and managing leads. The last thing you want to do is to come off as pushy which can lead to a negative review. Our team has data from thousands of patient interactions and we know what day and time of the week work best and avoid the days and times that yield poor results. Data analysis is used in every aspect of our business and we attribute our leaning on data rather than emotions to our surgeons successes. 

You might think it would be quite easy just to find a solution. Maybe just email the patients with email marketing software? We’ve lived in this space for the last 5+ years and you are most certainly available to try it! However, do not expect to hit the type of numbers we’re suggesting. Our processes and procedures utilize text message, email, phone, and more to ensure the maximum number of patients are scheduled for appointments. Even if you had access to automation, the true value is in the sequence. The sequence is what we’ve tested with over 50,000 patient interactions, so we simply know what works. 

Put Your Credit Card Away. We’re Not Selling It. 

You might be thinking, wow. I want in. This sounds like it could be the game changer that my office needs to have an advantage over my competitors. The point of this post wasn’t to sell anything. In fact, we don’t even charge for this service. As a 100% performance-based plastic surgeon marketing company, our lead nurturing and management is included with all of our campaigns with $0.00 in monthly retainers. 

Our goal is to share risk. If Advertising For Surgeons can’t get new patient consultations to show up, we don’t deserve to get paid. We’re doing things in an extremely different manner than what you are likely used to. The feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We encourage you to look at our Video Testimonials, Case Studies, Premier Google Partner Status, and more to see the value we provide for yourself. 

As you can see, we keep going where other marketing companies stop. Your success is our success. With our model, our interests are aligned. The only downside is that we can’t take on two surgeons that have the same procedure specialty in a territory. We’d never compete with our surgeon partners and want to give the best results possible to our surgeons. We’re a plastic surgeon marketing company that is simply doing things very differently. 

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