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Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Performance-Based Plastic Surgeon Marketing

Proven patient generation system for plastic surgeons. Only Pay Per Consultation™.

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Plastic Surgeon Marketing – But Better.

How Our Plastic Surgeon Marketing Company is Different

Saying we offer plastic surgeon marketing but better is quite the bold statement. It is true. Ready? Stop paying monthly retainers. We’re performance-based so our interests are aligned. Imagine not having to worry about following up with the leads your plastic surgeon marketing company generates on your behalf. Our extensive experience allows us to confidently share the risk of marketing with you. We’ve created Pay Per Consultation marketing where you only pay us when a patient shows up to a consultation. Don’t take our word for it. View our surgeons share their experience working with us for 3+ years, listen to their words.

If we don’t perform. We don’t get paid. Our interests are aligned by the very model that we created. While a traditional plastic surgeon marketing agency makes money from you, we want to make money with you. By working hard to manage your ads, do your SEO, get you reviews, and work your leads, we’re doing everything to get patients to have consultations. Whether you book a procedure or not is the only factor out of our control. However, these patients have expressed interest in a procedure so the likelihood of you converting a large number of these patients are quite high. If you’ve already looked at our video testimonials, check out some of our plastic surgeon marketing case studies.

A new way is here for you to get everything you need and never worry about paying another marketing agency a large retainer again for services that may or may not work. That is akin to rolling the dice. Even if they generate you leads, is your staff really working those leads properly? When is the last time they followed up with a lead that is 3 weeks old? If you generate 100 leads a month, that is 1,000s of touches required to get that patient to have a consultation. The downside is paying a company large monthly retainers for lackluster performance then on top of that you are drowning your office staff in busy work. Our AI system flawlessly follows up with leads and gets them booked at over 60%. So if you get 100 leads, you can generally expect at least 60 appointments. For those board-certified plastic surgeons who are sick of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars per month and not knowing whether their marketing is working or not, this is for you. 

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Benefits of Internet Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

  • You Pay No Costly Retainers
  • You Receive a Turn-Key Marketing Campaign
  • Plays a significant role in marketing for plastic surgery practices to attract the right clients for your practice
  • Ensures that your website has superior positioning when compared to your local competitors
  • Free business branding to your local customers who search for your services
  • Enhance your online presence.
  • It helps your practice to appear at the right time, when your patients seek out your procedures

Benefits of Plastic Surgeon Marketing with Advertising for Surgeons

Lead Management

Lead management is one of the most under-rated functions of internet marketing for plastic surgeons. Everyone typically worries about the sexy stuff, the lead generation. However, let’s run some basic math so we can illustrate a critical point. Let’s say you generate 100 leads a month. Let’s say you get 20 patient consultations. That is a 20% lead to patient consultation ratio. What if our company can help you nearly triple that? Even better yet, what if we said we’d do that at no cost…only “if it worked, would we be paid”. That is exactly what we do. You see, we have thousands upon thousands of interactions with patients that indicate when the best time to message them is, by what source, etc. Managing your leads when they want to schedule an appointment based on your calendar is what our team will handle. If a lead needs to reschedule, we’ll handle that too.

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is important. Sometimes things happen in patients lives and they must reschedule. Or maybe they schedule and never show. Do you want to reactivate that patient? Maybe not. Our goal is to nurture leads and keep them excited about the entire process. Out of sight out of mind. Forming a connection with your patients is one way to stick out and keep their excitement levels high. Just simply booking an appointment 2+ weeks out and having zero communication really doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive environment. Take your practice to the next level by incorporating lead nurturing by Advertising for Surgeons. You’d pay someone $2k+ a month just for this role alone. With our Pay Per Consultation marketing campaigns, it is included at no charge. That is how our surgeon marketing is simply different. 

Digital Marketing Plastic Surgeons – The Options

Looking for digital marketing? Plastic surgeons trust Advertising for Surgeons because this is all we do. Several competitors are either generalists (they’ll take any company with a credit card) or they specialize in the medical industry. That could mean they assist any and all doctors. As you know, there are several doctors and there is no way they could be true marketing experts for plastic surgeons. Over 90% of our clients are plastic surgeons. 

The first digital marketing for plastic surgeons is paid advertising. This is where you instantly show up on Google and start getting leads right away. Our plastic surgeon marketing agency takes it a step further and handles the leads to ensure they book a consultation. If they book a consultation and need to reschedule, our software handles that for you as well. We’ve had appointments generated in as fast as 3 days. With over $3,000,000.00 in Ad-Spend for plastic surgeons we simply know what works. There is no learning curve on your dime. With our model, 100% of your money goes to your ad-spend. We charge no management fee. We’re only paid when a patient shows up to a consultation. 

The second digital marketing for plastic surgeons is organic advertising. This is done with search engine optimization on both your website as well as your local Google My Business listing. There are several activities which are important on a monthly basis which must be done consistently in order to see results. This is one of the most competitive areas of digital marketing. Plastic surgeons all want to get free traffic so the competition is immense. Finding a company that has proven results, video testimonials, and their own website ranking is typically a good sign that they are competent. Our company fits that criteria and works for free until we start generating you patient consultations.