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Proven lead generation for plastic surgeons. This is Pay Per Consultation™ Marketing.

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Cosmetic Surgery Lead Generation – But Better.

How Our Leads for Plastic Surgeons is Better

It sounds right, get some plastic surgery leads and start getting more booked procedures. However, if you’ve spoken with other plastic surgeons, they might tell you good luck getting that to work. A lead is one thing. A patient consultation is something entirely different. Do you truly make money off leads or patient consultations? Chances are, you answered patient consultations because you’ve done the most important task of getting that lead into your doors. A lead will make you no money if they never come to an initial consultation. Further, we are always researching case studies (like this one) to help you improve your consultation to booked procedure ratio. 

So how is our cosmetic surgery lead generation better? We don’t sell leads. We offer patient consultations. In addition to generating the leads, we’ll also work your leads for you until they schedule an appointment. We’ll even handle the rescheduling of your leads when something comes up. That is why we’re one of the most preferred plastic surgeon marketing companies for top plastic surgeons. 

Here’s the kicker. Our company charges $0.00 in monthly retainers. That is right, you only Pay Per Consultation. Not lead. As you can imagine this is a very strong approach because it is inherently performance based. We’re so confident in our services that if we fail to deliver, we fail to get paid. Only a confident company would make such an offer. To our knowledge, we are the only company offering not only leads for plastic surgeons but patient consultations and appointments. This is known as our Pay Per Consultation campaign. It is all we offer because we’ve mastered it over the last 5 years. Don’t take our word for it, view our plastic surgeon video testimonials or case studies

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Benefits of Pay Per Consultation™ Leads For Plastic Surgeons

The Different Types of Leads for Plastic Surgeons

No matter what your core specialty is, AdvertisingForSurgeons likely has run a campaign in your specific niche. With over $3 million dollars in Adspend over the last 5 years, it is safe to say we simply know what works. In fact, many surgeons have been with us since the beginning. Head over to our Video Testimonials page to see for yourself. 

This is how we can offer to work for free and only get paid on performance and even offer to follow up with the leads and get them in your door. This allows you to do what you do best. Book procedures and change people’s lives. Below are just a few types of campaigns we’ve ran for cosmetic surgeon lead generation:

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Plastic Surgery Leads for Rhinoplasty

For the plastic surgery practice who specializes in facial plastic surgery, our company has run several campaigns in the most competitive areas of the country like Miami, FL. We’ve managed great success and this is why we have many clients that have been with us for 3+ years.

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Plastic Surgery Leads for Mommy Makeovers

Mommy makeovers represent a fantastic growth opportunity for a typical plastic surgery practice as the revenue from these procedures are typically far higher than any single one procedure.

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Plastic Surgery Leads for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentations are one of the most popular requests for several surgeons that we work with. They are looked upon as the best in the business and several has had to hire another surgeon because they have been booked out for 4+ months!

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Other Plastic Surgery Leads

Liposuction, non-surgical plastic surgery, and other types of cosmetic surgery lead generation is available. You can inquire if you have a specialty that was not mentioned above and we’ll let you know if it is somethign we’re confident we can help you with

Again, we don’t stop at lead generation. That is just half the battle. With thousands of messages scheduling patients, we’re able to identify how to get the maximum number of plastic surgery leads to turn into patient consultations. Just converting an additional 10 leads into appointments each month can pay for your entire marketing! Our interests are aligned and with $0.00 in monthly retainers, we want to make money with you not from you. We’re only paid when that patient shows up. Talk about a risk-free offering!