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2 Easy Ways to Get More Plastic Surgery Leads

There are 2 easy ways to get more plastic surgery leads. First, it is important to understand that you either need time, money, or skill to generate leads. Every now and then, you’ll need none of those and getting a patient word of mouth referral from your past time investment and skills you’ve mastered will bring you a patient. However, waiting for word of mouth plastic surgery certainly won’t pay the bills. In this blog post, you’ll learn 3 easy ways to get more plastic surgery leads. 

1 – Conversion Rate Optimization

Already have a website? Already investing in SEO, PPC, Social Media, and other forms of marketing? Sometimes more traffic isn’t the answer. Creating a more effective mousetrap is. Contrary to what most other plastic surgeon marketing companies would tell you, spending more money to get more traffic is not the solution. What if you increase your conversion rate? Meaning, if you have 1,000 visitors coming to your website a month and receive 10 patient leads, that means your website is converting at 1%.

So most look at this and say, well, I need 10,000 visitors to get 100 patient leads per month! That would cost a significant sum of money and would simply be inefficient. There is a better way. 

By doing conversion rate optimization, you are optimizing your website for conversions. Now. It is important to note that sometimes you would prefer your website to “look” one way when the data says something else. So this is an important point. Would you rather have your website look “exactly” how you want it or be flexible and utilize proven methodologies to increase your conversion rates and start generating more leads? In several instances, we’ve seen conversion rates as high as 10%. So if you are getting 1,000 visitors per month, you could expect 100 leads per month. Having a high conversion rate usually means you have a fantastic offer to “get patients in the door”. 

Our Pay Per Consultation marketing for plastic surgeons campaigns include conversion rate optimization as it is in our best interest to maximize the amount of patients who come into your practice. In fact, one of our valued plastic surgery practices shared that they became so busy their main surgeon was booked for 4+ months and they had to add another plastic surgeon! 

2 – Ad Analysis – Fire the Loser. Scale the Winner. 

Sometimes as a patient care coordinator or plastic surgeon, you are so busy that you just advertise in several channels. You know that “something” is working so just continue doing what you’ve done. You should be tracking your return on investment very closely because one of those advertising sources may not be generating any leads. For instance, maybe you run ads in a local magazine. Are you using a local tracking number and seeing how well that ad is faring for your practice?

Taking some time of your day to analyze the data from your advertising campaign can yield a very high return on your time investment. For instance, if you notice that your plastic surgeon marketing agency is crushing it for you and you have 2 other advertising sources that are bringing in no new patients, wouldn’t it make sense to move those funds from the non-performing advertising channels and pump those funds into the advertising channel that is outperforming all others?

Doing this will allow you to eliminate wasteful advertising spend and make an inefficient use of funds far more efficient. So you will not only see a new influx of leads from doing this exercise, you’ve also eliminated wasteful spending. 

Wrapping it Up

Wrapping up this blog post, we hope these two methods opened your eyes as two easy ways to start getting more leads. They are unique points in our view that can allow you to more efficiently utilize your existing resources nd traffic to your advantage. 

Do you have any other easy ways to get more plastic surgery leads? Drop them down below!

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