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Plastic Surgeon Advertising

Performance-Based Plastic Surgeon Advertising

Proven patient generation system for plastic surgeons. This is Pay-Per-Consultation Marketing.

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Start Generating Patients Without Risk

Plastic Surgeon Advertising – Done Differently

How Our Online Advertising for Plastic Surgeons is Unique

Consider this. What if you could not risk your cash for something that may or may not work? What if a company had so much experience they were willing to share risk with you? Charge you $0.00 per month in retainers? Wouldn’t that be different for a chance? That time has come. 

Advertising for Surgeons LLC is a company that is built upon those principles. We’ve created the Pay Per Consultation™ marketing program because that’s when we get paid. After all the hard work is done. Not before like most agencies who require huge monthly retainers without any guarantee. This is the type of plastic surgeon advertising you may be accustomed to. This is internet advertising for plastic surgeons done differently. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for the advertising and we don’t stop there. This is why we’re the premier go-to plastic surgeon marketing company. The biggest problem most practices have is that even if they are successful in generating leads, the issue becomes getting patients in the door. What if we told you we have an over 50% lead to consultation rate on average? We’ll work hard to generate the leads. We’ll work hard to make sure they schedule an initial consultation. You’ll work hard to turn that consultation into a booked procedure. Gone are the days of wondering where your marketing budget is going. We’ll do all that work for $0.00 each month. Only pay upon a confirmed phone consultation or in person appointment. Don’t take our word for it, view our plastic surgeon video testimonials or case studies.

Consider the alternative. You can pay for ads about $4,000 a month, a marketing agency in excess of $4,000 a month for SEO, PPC, FB Ad Management, Instagram, Social Media Management, Review Management, Google My Business Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, and what happens? They may or may not be successful. If they are successful, and they generate you 100 leads, your staff now has to follow up with 100 leads. Did you know on average it takes 10 touches to get a lead into the door? That equates to 1000 follow ups in just one month. That will require a full-time staff member. There is another $2k a month. Now you are 10k a month without any guarantees one patient will walk in the door. But…do they know how to truly nurture leads? How often do they text the patient? How often do they email the patient? Call the patient? Of course, you want a consultation but you do not want to be “annoying” or “pushy”. An inexperienced lead nurturer can actually cause negative reviews for the aforementioned reasons. 

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of Digital Advertising for Plastic Surgeons

What’s Included with Pay Per Consultation Plastic Surgeon Advertising?

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Surgeon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Plastic Surgeon SEO is done at the local level. Included in all of our Pay Per Consultation / Pay Per Appointment campaigns, is a local SEO campaign. This campaign helps your local Google My Business profile increase in ranking. Of course, your competitors have likely been optimizing their listing for many years so we may have a bunch of catching up to do. Generally, we’ve seen this process can take up to 6+ months to see a noticeable uptick in results. However, unlike most companies, we do not charge you for these activities. With Advertising For Surgeons, you only get charged once you start generating patients, so there is absolutely zero risk.

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Plastic Surgeon PPC Ad Management (Pay Per Click)

Plastic Surgeon PPC is the secret sauce that we utilize to pump consultations to your practice immediately after launch. It is not uncommon to start getting consultations within 1-3 days of us launching a campaign. Our team has spent the last 6+ years living and breathing in this space helping over 30 surgeons spend over $3,000,000.00. Our data is immense and we simply know what works. There is no guessing. There is no learning on your dime. This is why we’re so confident in working for free and becoming your partner in marketing. Only being paid with our success of not only making the plastic surgeon advertising work but also getting the patient to do a consultation for you.

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Plastic Surgeon Lead Nurturing & Management

With the above, you’ll have several patients reaching out and scheduling consultations. However, people get busy which makes your advertising dollars less effective. Here’s something to consider. When is the last time that your staff reached out to a lead that came in 3 weeks ago? They are likely busy working the leads that came in today? Maybe a few days ago. We’ve seen a majority of practices (80%+) do not follow up with leads over one week old. This means you are simply leaving significant money on the table. Our lead nurturing platform will nurture those leads until they come into the door. Forget about scheduling initial consultations. Forget about rescheduling. We’ll handle it all.

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Plastic Surgeon Review Generation & Management

Having 5-star reviews is critical. You likely make assumptions about companies based on their reviews and your patients will do the same. We’ve done a fantastic job at generating significant reviews for our surgeons while blocking poor 1-star reviews. This is done via an ingenious method that we’d be happy to share with you on our call. You’ll gain access to the software which helps you do this and allows customers to easily give you 5-stars from opening a text message. No explaining how to leave a difficult review. If they can read a text, they can leave a review that goes on Google or Facebook!

Various Types of Plastic Surgeon Advertising Ideas

Perhaps for some reason you aren’t looking for guaranteed patients from your cosmetic surgeon advertising initiatives. Maybe some plastic surgeon advertising ideas will do. There are other types of advertising done for different reasons. For instance, you may be looking to do plastic surgeon branding. This type of advertising is mainly to build trust around your practice or your name. Certainly branding plays a large role in some minds of consumers. Usually, a well thought out logo, website design, as well as reviews will “paint” the picture for most consumers. Another fantastic way you can utilize effective advertising for plastic surgeons is with before and afters. However, you can have the best before and after pictures but you need to generate quality traffic to your site to see these results. You could have the most beautiful website, great branding, amazing results and rave reviews but without eyeballs on your practice, it will not generate revenue.

Another reason you may be looking for plastic surgeon advertising is to get your name out there in the local community. For this, some cosmetic surgeon advertising methods include getting in the local newspaper. Another way is with radio advertisements. For name recognition as the main goal, these are great methods to try out. Just keep in mind that obtaining patients from these methods are typically quite difficult because inherently a good portion of your money will be wasted as a majority of readers / listeners / viewers are likely not in the market for plastic surgery.