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Vascular Surgeon Marketing Done Differently

How Our Vascular Surgeon Marketing Company is Transforming the Standard Marketing Approach

Tired of paying thousands of dollars each month towards your vascular surgeon marketing company retainer with zero guarantees that what you are paying for is actually working? Sadly, many marketing companies will take on plumbers, engineers, attorneys, and anyone with a credit card. We’ve perfected surgeon marketing and that is the only type of marketing we do. Enter Advertising for Surgeons. We’re redefining surgeon marketing. You only pay us when our marketing generates real patient interest. With them, you pay for fancy marketing reports. With us, you pay for real patient interactions that lead to booked procedures. Quite the difference.

Every single week we hear of another surgeon that is paying sometimes $9,000 for marketing services in advance. Meaning, they are cutting a huge check without knowing what the next 30 days will bring. This is the definition of gambling. Paying in advance and not knowing what will happen. Our goal was to create an offering that tied our performance to our pay. To become partners with our surgeons so when you have a great month so do we. Our company makes money with our surgeons, not from them. 

Don’t take our word for it. Head over to our testimonials page where you’ll see surgeons to office managers share with you their experience working with us in their words, not ours. Are you results-driven? Head over to our case studies page where you can video reviews of our client’s Analytics accounts. If that sounds interesting to you, head over to our surgeon marketing pricing page which highlights the exact costs involved as well as a FAQ section that will provide answers to questions that you likely have.

No company is perfect, there is a downside to how we operate. There is only one territory available per surgeon. We’ll never compete with ourselves nor give one surgeon better results than another. 

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of Vascular Surgeon Digital Marketing Campaigns

Specific Types of Vascular Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Vascular Surgeon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Vascular Surgeon SEO is a fantastic way to generate patients ready to take action. The best part is that you are not paying per click with an SEO vascular surgeon marketing campaign. Our team will optimize your actual website which is known as on-site SEO. After phase 1 of optimizing your on-site SEO, we’ll create high-quality links, citations, and more to satisfy Google’s Algorithm in a compliant way so with time your website will outrank your competitors. Your website can show up for keywords like best vascular surgeon in Miami or Atherectomy in Miami, and other related keywords.

Because vascular surgeon marketing with SEO takes time, our team jump-starts your marketing efforts by managing your ads at no cost. You only pay for the ads directly to Google and this steadily pumps new patients into your practice while we await for SEO to “kick in”. This omni-approach ensures you have fantastic visibility online and able to take advantage of acquiring as many patients local to your practice as possible.

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Vascular Surgeon PPC (Pay Per Click)

Creating a vascular surgeon PPC campaign in a careful manner allows you the greatest chances of success. If a company that does not specialize in working with surgeons attempts to build your campaign they will certainly not be familiar with specific arterial therapy type keyword themes like Atherectomy or angioplasty. This will cause the campaign to not perform as well due to a lack of knowledge. The last thing you want is to have a company learn about your industry on your dime. You can learn more about our specific surgeon marketing PPC services by click on the blue clickable link.

Don’t take our word for it. You can look at our online reviews, our video testimonials from real surgeons, our video case studies, our Google Premier Partner status, request some references, and more! The more research you do, the more you will realize that we offer the most comprehensive digital marketing solution without any requested retainers each month until what we do actually works! Talk about a win-win. You’ll also never be locked into a contract, we work on a month-to-month agreement so if you are ever not happy you can surely cancel! Our team proudly has surgeons with us for 4+ years on a month-to-month agreement which speaks volumes.

Various Types of Digital Marketing for Vascular Surgeons

On top of all of the services offered for your Vascular Surgeon marketing campaign, we also take things a step further with our AI software. At no charge, our software will help convert the maximum amount of leads into actual patient consultations. Even if you want to check benefits, eligibility, we’ll do our best to get those patients to reach out to you via phone call or form submission and we’re only paid when they actually take action. If you accept nearly all patients or focus more on cosmetic vein procedures, marketing is easy for us to load up your calendar. 

We’re very confident that if you weigh out the pros and cons of working with our company when compared to other companies you’ll see that we lead the pack by a large margin. We put our money where our mouth is and happy to work for free on your behalf without charging a penny until what we do actually works. Ask any other reputable company to operate on that sort of agreement and they’ll simply tell you that it cannot be done. Working purely on performance is the new way to market. Contact us today to see if your territory is available.