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Orthopedic Surgeon Marketing with a Twist

How Our Orthopedic Surgeon Marketing is Simply Different

An entire turn-key orthopedic surgeon marketing campaign that several companies charge $2,500+ each month for can be had at no cost to each month. On top of that hefty retainer, you’ll need to pay for your ad-spend to Google as well. On top of the hefty retainer and your ad-spend costs, you’ll need to find the time or hire someone to follow up with the leads if the company actually delivers. This can easily eclipse $5,000 a month without any sort of guarantee that patients will actually walk in the door! Quite the risk to take. 

We do things quite differently. We ask for a small setup fee to build your entire campaign for you. We ask for a $0.00 monthly retainer. We will run your ads for free every single month. No catch. 100% of your budget will go to ad-spend. We will work your leads for free every single month until they show up to either a virtual consultation or in-person consultation. Only then are we paid, when a patient shows up. It is a true performance model and our interests are aligned. We want to make money with you. Not from you. All risk is removed. We’re in this together. View videos of what other top surgeons have to say about their experience with working with us! 

The only downside is that we can only take on one orthopedic surgeon marketing client per area. See if your territory is available today.

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of Digital Orthopedic Surgeon Marketing

Specific Types of Oral Surgeon Marketing

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Orthopedic Surgeon SEO

Orthopedic Surgeon SEO can provide extreme long-term value but unfortunately takes time to optimize. This is because you must prove to Google that out of all of your competitors you are the most authoritative in your local market. This is one in a variety of ways and as Google has become smarter from its machine-learning, it truly requires and expert team that understands the intricacies of what Google wants. Providing the most value to patients it the first step. The second step is to ensure that all technical aspects of the websites are firing on all cylinders. This includes but is not limited to: site security, site speed, architecture of your website, freshness of content, length of content, outbound authority links, image alt tags, geotagging of pages, quality of backlinks, number of backlinks, anchor text ratios, and more. Advertising for Surgeons handles the most important aspects as a leading orthopedic surgeon marketing company.

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Orthopedic Surgeon PPC

Orthopedic Surgeon PPC is similar to SEO in the sense that with both types of digital marketing you’ll end up on Page One of Google. However, the paid side allows you to skip the waiting process and appear right away. For those practices that want an immediate uptick in patients, this is where you want to be. AdvertisingForSurgeons offers a turn-key digital marketing campaign with zero retainer on a monthly basis. Our agency is a performance based agency that works your ads for free, 100% of your money goes to ads, we’ll work your leads and you only pay us when a patient physically walks in the door. To mitigate risk further, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not have appointments sent to you via our methods. After working with Google Ads for over 12 years, we simply know what works and willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Marketing for Orthopedic Surgeons – Online vs Offline

Orthopedic surgeon marketing is the blood of any practice. Without new patients coming into your practice, your practice will not thrive at its potential. There are various types of orthopedic surgeon marketing options which we will review. There are several different advertising options for orthopedic surgeons. Which one is the best for you? There is TV advertising, radio advertising, hiring marketers, digital marketing, print ad marketing, referral groups, and more. It can frankly be overwhelming. However, you can essentially boil down marketing for orthopedic surgeons into two groups. Online advertising for orthopedic surgeons and offline advertising for orthopedic surgeons. 

Offline marketing is typically a tough sell because you are doing outbound marketing. Meaning you are creative a message and hoping someone actually needs orthopedic surgery. It is a pure numbers game play. If you run a TV ad for an example to 100,000 local households what is the likelihood of one needing an orthopedic surgeon while that ad appeared? A valid argument can be made that this helps with branding, but is spending your hard earned money on branding advantageous when compared to spending that money on generating actual patients? Everyone may have a different answer but it is important to identify the goal of the advertising. Is the goal to brand your practice or to generate patients?

Digital marketing for orthopedic surgeons works great to acquire patients. This is because it is inbound marketing. Meaning, if someone heads over to Google and types in orthopedic surgeon near me, chances are they are in an immediate need for an orthopedic surgeon. However, after that patient comes to your website they may or may not call or fill out a form. They may not be “convinced” that you are the right practice for them. Just like if you personally go to a website and despite having a need just don’t fill out a form or call. To complicate matters further, if they do call just to get information, how good of a job is your staff at following up with an inquiry that reached out to your practice 3 weeks ago? Do you nurture your leads? Continuously follow up? This is where our team helps, at $0.00 cost per month since we are a performance based orthopedic surgeon marketing agency.