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How to Market Bariatric Surgery – Simply Put, Online!

Once you’ve landed on this page, you’re likely wondering how to market bariatric surgery. Well, if you love a high return on investment you’ll want to keep reading. Do you invest in TV ads? Do you blog? Do SEO? PPC? Newspaper advertising? The number of advertising methods are at an all-time high. So how do you choose which bariatric marketing plan to implement? This is the question we aim to answer on this page. 

Bariatric marketing campaigns that are online can be tracked with laser-like precision. You can track the number of phone calls or form submissions from online traffic. For this reason, we are biased towards digital marketing for bariatric surgeons. It is also a form of “inbound marketing”. For instance, if you run a TV ad for newspaper advertising, that is “outbound marketing”. Meaning, you are displaying a message to X amount of people, hoping someone is at that stage in their life where they need bariatric surgery. Marketing that is inbound is great because the patient has already pre-qualified themselves as needing a bariatric surgeon if they are searching for one. It is simply money spent more efficiently.

Bariatric surgery marketing strategies can quickly add up to over $10,000 a month but if you are acquiring 10 surgeries per month, your marketing spend is working quite well. According to Obesity Coverage, the average cost comes in right at $14,000 for a surgery. So if you’ve earned $140,000 a month from spending $10,000, most surgeons would say…sign me up. The hesitancy lies in the several companies that promise the world and don’t deliver. At AdvertisingforSurgeons.com, we charge $0.00 in retainers and only paid when we’re successful in bringing you a patient consultation. Learn how it works by heading over to our pricing page

Benefits of SEO

Benefits of Digital Bariatric Surgery Marketing

Various Types of Bariatric Surgery Marketing Strategies

Online bariatric marketing can consist of several different types of advertising methods. We’ll take a look to review the different types of them. The subsets to digital marketing for bariatric surgeons are as follows:

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Bariatric Surgeon SEO

Bariatric Surgeon SEO is the process of ensuring your website is fast, secure, technically coded properly, has proper on-page SEO techniques done properly, and has relevant and high-quality backlinks pointing to the important pages on your website. Increasingly important is local SEO for bariatric surgery practices which is when you optimize your Google My Business location. SEO has one of the best long-term return on investments out of all the bariatric surgery marketing strategies.

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Bariatric Surgeon PPC Marketing

Bariatric Surgeon PPC marketing is when you pay Google or Facebook money to have prime positioning in-front of an audience that we would define. This is what we’ve been focusing on for the past 5 years and have spent over $3 Million dollars in ad-spend so we simply know what works. The best part about this form of marketing is that when set up properly you can expect to get patient inquiries right away and turn them into patient consultations. This is the fastest surgeon marketing strategy to attract new patients.

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Bariatric Surgeon Review Generation

Bariatric Surgeon review generation is critical to ensure that prior to reaching out to you that you give your potential patient confidence. Consider yourself, prior to any major decision do you research reviews? If you said yes, you are like 52% of consumers aged 18 – 54 who indicated in a study that they “Always” check reviews. If your reviews are limited, poor, or average; you’ll surely want to start a review generation campaign from your happy patients. All of our clients gain access to software which blocks bad reviews and encourages 5-star reviews easily with text messages, so contact us to learn more.

BONUS – Why Bariatric Surgeon Lead Management & Nurturing is Important

Bariatric Surgeon lead management and nurturing is a critical component that a bariatric surgeon marketing agency will not likely bring up. Why? Because that is another cost you will inherit to hire someone full-time to follow up with the leads. Also, the likelihood of that individual knowing how many times to follow up without being aggressive or perceived as annoying is small. Our AI software has hundreds of thousands of interactions and knows the best time of day, contact method (email, call, text, etc), that works best. People are busier than ever and more distracted than ever. Not following up properly with inbound leads (at least 10x each) makes your marketing spend less efficient.

Imagine just reactivating 10 new patients and if you book 3 new procedures that is an additional $40k+ in additional revenue. If you happen to find a good company that actually generates leads, you’ll need to “touch” each lead about 10 times prior to them coming in on average. With just 100 leads, that is 1,000 touches. Quite a lot for a busy office staff to handle. With AdvertisingforSurgeons.com, we handle all patient scheduling and rescheduling from the leads we generate. We created the Pay Per Consultation™ model. It simply mitigates all your risk because only when a patient shows up to an appointment or consultation are we paid.