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Spine Surgeon Marketing

Performance-Based Spine Surgeon Marketing

Proven patient generation system for neurosurgeons. Only Pay Per Consultation™.

Start Generating Patients Without Risk

Spine Surgeon Marketing – Done Differently

How Our Spine Surgeon Marketing Company is Different

Sick of rolling the dice with another spine surgeon marketing agency? Tired of receiving a proposal that is $3,000+ per month with absolutely zero performance guarantees? You may feel like everyone wants thousands of dollars per month yet not one spine surgeon marketing company is confident enough to offer you a performance-based campaign. Until now. You don’t have to listen to us, see what other surgeons have to say by heading over to our testimonial page.

Your search can officially end here. When we say we’re performance-based. We mean it. After a very small setup fee (to just cover our costs), we’ll build out a spine surgeon patient generation campaign proven to work. Surgeons campaigns are the only type of client we’ve been working on exclusively for the 4 years. We’ll manage your campaign for free. No fine-print. We’ll even work your leads for you until they show up for a virtual consultation or in-person consultation. Only then are we paid, regardless of patient outcome to remain fully compliant. This model aligns us as partners. Our goal is to make money with our surgeons, not from them. When you have a bad month, so do we. When you have a great month, so do we. Your interests are finally aligned with your marketing agency. 

The downside to this model is we can’t take on any surgeons because we’d be competing with ourselves if two are in the same area. Take a peak at some of our surgeon case studies to see the types of results we’re generating.

spine surgeon marketing

Benefits of Digital Spine Surgeon Marketing

  • Having the visibility when a patient needs you.
  • Being able to track exactly how these patients found you.
  • Only paying for actual performance, not rolling the dice. 
  • Gaining access to proven methodologies that already work. 
  • Being the go-to practice in your area with an almost omni-visibility.

Specific Types of Spine Surgeon Digital Marketing

Spine Surgeon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

With spine surgeon SEO, you will be working to prove your website is the most authoritative when compared to your competing practices. This is done by several ways which our team can assist you with. Without going into to much detail, the following are critical aspects to any SEO campaign. Having a website that is fast, secure, has a proper website architecture, an updated blog, clean code, original and authoritative content, lengthy content, images, image alt tags, videos when applicable, and backlinks. The quality of backlinks and how they are technically created via anchor text is of extreme importance. In fact, doing anchor text incorrectly can lead to a Google penalty which is something you want no part of. After all this hard work is complete, you can enjoy free traffic from Google. So from a long-term investment standpoint, it pays off. Our campaigns offer a local SEO campaign at no cost because we’re performance-based! For this reason, it is the most sought after surgeon marketing service available. 

Spine Surgeon PPC (Pay Per Click)

For those who want new patients right away, spine surgeon PPC marketing is the way to go. This is the core behind our offering. This is where you pay Google or Facebook every single month and we manage the ads at no cost. When campaigns are created properly this is the way you can attract patients who have the intent to see you. However, you must be careful. Selecting the wrong keyword can be a very costly mistake. As an example, if you think it is wise to use spine surgeon as a keyword – that is a big mistake. By using it as you just read, you defined a broad match keyword. Meaning, Google can append any word before or after it. Why is that bad? What if someone is searching spine surgeon salary? Surely that person doesn’t need your services, so you would have wasted your money. Or spine surgeon office job? Again, that person doesn’t need your services. This leads to wasted adspend which can make a campaign not profitable. We’re pros at this which is why we offer to manage campaigns at no cost and get paid on performance. We’ll even work the leads for you because we know that no one will work harder at getting those patients in the door. Most office staff are very busy with other activities and do not follow up well when receiving 100+ inquiries a month of new patients. It is a full-time job. Which is why we take on that task for you. Never worry where another patient is coming from when you partner with us as your performance based spine surgeon marketing company.

Marketing for Spine Surgeons – The Options

There are two primary ways one can do marketing for spine surgeons. Digital marketing and offline marketing. With the latter, you can always hire a marketer who will do their best and drum up business from historically good referral sources. Several spine surgeons that we have worked with have tried this approach. They will often have the marketer build relationships with local personal injury attorneys. However, we’ve often heard that several times the marketer just simply didn’t perform. In short, you’re putting all your eggs in the skillset of a marketer who may or may not perform. At a salary of $60,000+ per year + expenses being reimbursed this can be quite the costly experiment. Other offline marketing for spine surgeons include TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. The downside to these types of marketing methods is that the chances of someone needing a spine surgeon is a shot in the dark. However, the upside is the branding it can provide if/when one needs a spinal surgery.

Marketing for spine surgeons online is quite different. You are placed in front of a patient at the time they identify they have a need for your expertise. Being in front of the patient at the time of their intention to find an orthopedic spine surgeon or neurosurgeon is critical. Our campaigns are proven to yield fantastic results which is why we offer a performance-based digital marketing for spine surgeon campaign. One great aspect is how we can track the results with extreme precision. There is no guessing if it is working. Simply put, if we’re the ones who are scheduling your appointments for you we can give you access to the correspondence with that patient until we get them to book that meeting with you. Our only goal is to book the appointment when they expressed a need for your expertise and let you take it from there.